Red and White Retro Romper

Red and White Retro Romper

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This romper is made of fun gingham and nicely lined. Waist and leg openings are elasticized for comfort and good fit. Paired with a simple, white onesie or just a diaper, your little one will be ready for the sun!

When I think of spring or summer and babies I think of rompers and juicy, chubby baby thighs. Recently, seeing my husband's baby photos, I was reminded that rompers with elastic legs are just amazing. Those retro photos, (circa the 70's) exuded charm, simplicity and great style. With that inspiration, this romper was born.

A note on gingham: I learn more about clothes with every piece that I make and that includes learning about fabrics. I have fallen in love with gingham; a fabric that is fun and whimsical enough for kids clothing. Often confused with plaid it is the cleaner version and great because it can be masculine and feminine. Love it!


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